Automated security with new Sequr Access Sync

Sequr Access Sync is a new solution built on Sequr’s smartphone and Apple Watch-enabled physical access control platform. It automates perimeter security for buildings, offices and other kinds of commercial property. This connects organisations’ physical and cyber security systems to provide integrated access management.

Physical and cyber security have historically been handled separately using different tools. In the cyber arena, everything from the CEO’s email account to the customer database is protected by technology called Identity and Access Management (IAM) software that’s used by many modern security-conscious organisations. IAM solutions enable automated enforcement of access rules for every user, a capability that Sequr Access Sync carries over into the real world to the physical facility.

Sequr Access Sync connects to an organisation’s IAM development and from there it analyses the security information of the system and determines how to manage their physical access. Administrators can customise the physical perimeter’s automated behaviour using a powerful rules engine with set-it-and-forget-it capabilities. 

Following the creation of an individual profile, Sequr should identify those who need access to certain facilities or offices. The technology then pulls data from the IAM system on their job role, department and location to understand how to best manage their access. 

Sequr Access Sync can also adapt to physical security changes. If a person switches department, then the system will become aware of the changes and update their access credentials onto the individual’s mobile device. This allows certain doors and entrances to be tailored for the specific individual. 

“Access control is a fundamental requirement for any organisation to achieve security compliance and to pass their regular security audits,” states Chief Technology Officer for Sequr, Mishi Patel. “Misplaced or stagnant employee access credentials can be dangerous.”

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