Bank vaults – Uri Guterman at Hanwha Techwin Europe

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Hanwha Techwin

Uri Guterman at Hanwha Techwin Europe discusses bank vault security

Effective protection of bank vaults starts with comprehensive video surveillance inside and outside the building so that security staff have a clear and unobstructed view of all areas. Cameras must be vandal and tamper-proof and specified to work reliably in what are often challenging light conditions. 

Increasingly, artificial intelligence (AI) is being called on to add intelligence to the security provision in banks and vaults. AI-enabled video systems use deep learning to detect suspicious behaviour such as people loitering in a particular area of a bank or identify people carrying suspicious and bulky items such as large bags. 

Increasingly, AI is being deployed ‘at the edge’, with cameras undertaking their own analysis of images, often ‘out of the box’. This removes the need for expensive, offsite servers and other IT infrastructure, and brings the benefits of AI to every bank branch. These cameras might use AI to undertake people counting, for example, alerting bank security staff when more than the permitted number of people enter a vault, or a similarly controlled access area. Equally, an occupancy monitoring solution can display the number of people in the vault at any time on a monitor, alerting staff to overcrowding and related security risks. 

Of course, video technology also has a key role to play after an incident, when the footage it captures not only helps security staff and law enforcement agencies to identify culprits, but also bring successful prosecutions on the basis of access to clear and unambiguous video images. Again, AI is bringing new possibilities to the forensic process, making it simple for operators to review hours or even days of video footage in a matter of minutes by searching for a specific-coloured item of clothing worn by a suspect, their movement or the direction of their departure following an incident. 


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