Breakthrough for GWS to the Malaysian population

GWS Production in Lund has signed a pilot agreement with ACASIA Communications Sdn Bhd, which gives a considerable number of Malaysians access to the unique security platform from GWS. The agreement is for two years and the initial total order value is 170 000 EUR.
GWS is an international IT company and has developed Safeture, a security platform and a risk management tool for companies, authorities and business travellers. The platform is already being used all over the world by more than 1,000 large companies and organizations.
Earlier this year, GWS was commissioned to improve the safety of everyone working off the coast of Malaysia. The new agreement is larger and includes, in this first pilot, a limited number of Malaysians. The long-term goal is to expand the usage over a larger share of the Malaysian population and reach 3.5 million new users.
GWS will deliver a so-called SDK solution (Software Developer Kit) of the platform, which means that ACASIA can adapt it to its needs and will create its own new app called MySOFEA, Malaysian System Operated For E-Alert. GWS will be responsible for all content including alerts in the app, primarily with the local expertise from the company’s existing office in Kuala Lumpur. ACASIA will use the SDK to adopt the MySOFEA App with other content and functionality to drive the install base of the service.
”It is with great pleasure that we see a growing business in the cooperation with ACASIA. Using this pilot as base, ACASIA will be able to create and provide the most advanced civil security alert system in the world to the Malaysian population,” comments Andreas Rodman, CEO GWS.
“In line with our theme of harnessing trends and creating values, MySOFEA is part of our collaborative effort to give back to the ASEAN community at large and it starts with the Malaysian community. By using this platform, we hope to keep the ASEAN community safe and informed,”comments by M. Satya Riayatsyah, CEO ACASIA.

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