Cassidian launches new TRSS naval radar


Cassidian, the defence division of EADS, has introduced a new naval X-Band radar optimised for the detection of extremely small objects and countering asymmetric threats.

Based upon the latest Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) radar technology, the new Tactical Radar for Surface Surveillance (TRSS) substantially increases the detection capabilities, and thus the protection level, of navy ships and coast guard vessels.

“Our new radar constitutes a quantum leap in terms of detection capabilities”, says Elmar Compans, head of sensors & electronic warfare at Cassidian. “It provides high-performance surveillance not only at sea but also over land which makes it unique in the market”.

TRSS with its low weight, power consumption and space requirements makes the AESA technology now affordable for small- and medium-sized vessels. This is beneficial particularly to ships operating in littoral waters which previously could not accommodate radars at all or had to use  conventional mechanically rotating models. TRSS is able to detect and distinguish small objects precisely at close ranges, e.g. individual swimmers. These features allow operators an optimal overview of the situation, e.g. against terrorist attacks, and additionally enable operators to monitor movements on land.

AESA technology and electronic beam steering enables the radar to fulfil several tasks at the same time while increasing detection capability substantially. This unique detection performance derives from a multitude of Cassidian’s Transmit- and Receive Modules, based on state-of-the-art technology. The technology applied holds unique electronic characteristics such as high power added efficiency and allows for very efficient industrial production processes. Cassidian is the leading supplier of this technology.

Cassidian has delivered a broad range of radar sensors for naval, land-based, airborne, space and security applications. Among others, Cassidian provides the new US Coast Guard cutters with its successful TRS-3D surveillance and target acquisition radar and the new German F125 frigates with its TRS-4D naval radar. Furthermore, Cassidian manufactures radars for satellites, fighter aircraft and border surveillance systems.

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