Corero Network Security, ISP, OpenCape join forces

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Corero Network Security, a provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) defense solutions, announces that they have won the 2021 SDC Awards’ Data Security Project of the Year in partnership with OpenCape, a not-for-profit internet service provider whose mission is to advance the quality of life by promoting access to broadband technology in Southeastern MA, Cape Cod & Islands and Rhode Island.

The ability to provide an “Always on” service to their downstream customers is essential to OpenCape, so that they could be efficiently protected against DDoS attacks which represent a significant threat to their business. Corero is providing their Smartwall DDoS protection solution, enabling OpenCape to protect their critical infrastructure and their customers against the growing number of DDoS attacks. Before deploying the Smartwall solution, OpenCape had experienced attacks, resulting in several minutes of downtime for their customers. Now with SmartWall, more than 98% of the DDoS attacks are detected and mitigated automatically within seconds, eliminating the risk of downtime.

Winning the SDC Data Security Project of the Year, Corero’s ability to provide deep packet inspection was a crucial differentiator for OpenCape. “Unlike other DDoS protection solutions, which rely on header-based 5-tuple flow information, SmartWall’s Deep Packet Inspection looks into every bit of the packet header, before it enters our network, plus the first 128-bytes of the payload at line rate, to deliver the most advanced DDoS attack detection, with surgical mitigation, to ensure legitimate traffic is not impacted by damaging false positives, or an increase in latency,” said Steve Johnston, CEO of OpenCape. “For our customers, the biggest benefit is they don’t have to do anything. For a minimal fee, they have peace of mind that we are protecting them from DDoS attacks.”

“We are thrilled to have worked alongside OpenCape to provide them a comprehensive end to end solution that protects their downstream customers from DDoS attacks” commented Lionel Chmilewsky, CEO of Corero. “Responsible Service Providers like OpenCape play a critical role in delivering protected Internet service to their local and regional communities around the globe.”

“Our experience working with Corero was seamless. Our top priority is our ability to respond to the concerns and needs of our customers, which range from cities and municipalities to large and small businesses and non-profit organisations,” said Johnston. “Our collaboration with Corero not only made that possible, but it was cost effective, and our downstream customers have benefited significantly from the offering.”

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