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Meeting the needs of modern business access control with self-powered digital cylinders and cloud management  

In this period of rapid change in access control technology, two major trends stand out. The first is cloud management. According to one recent report, 84% of managers say they are currently using or plan to deploy cloud management for access control or video.  

Second — and in common with every area of business, government and society — security managers try to incorporate sustainability into daily practice. In a recent survey of security professionals, 90 percent said sustainability would influence their future choice of solution. 

According to Google search data, worldwide searches for “sustainability” hit an all-time high in 2021. In the building sector especially — where around half of Europe’s total energy consumption happens — a sense of urgency is growing. 

What are the advantages of cloud management? 

More than a third of companies now use cloud-based management to power their access control, according to the Wireless Access Control Report 2021. This proportion is only going to grow in the years ahead: As working practices become more mobile, a cloud solution helps make access management more convenient, enabling companies to design workflows which are streamlined, location-independent and efficient. 

These benefits are driving strong demand for data centres, too: The market for shared or “co-located” facilities is booming. According to Research & Markets, growth in European data centre revenues was 46% in 2021 alone.  

Partnering cloud management with hardware built with sustainability concerns in mind seems a natural fit. And yet, right now, only one solution enables energy harvesting access control devices to be managed securely from the cloud: PULSE cylinders for almost any application combined with Incedoä Business Cloud platform-based access management. 

The access control solution which combines both trends  

ASSA ABLOY PULSE’s entire programmable digital DIN-cylinder and key range is controlled by Incedo Business access control software. 

With Incedo Business Cloud, security teams can manage a wide range of access points and users remotely, while maintaining complete control over their premises — working smarter and more effectively. Incedo Business Cloud can be accessed securely 24/7 from any PC with an internet connection. Software updates are automatic, with real-time reports and analytics always available. 

Incedo also has choice and flexibility built-in. Based on their specific security needs and access points, security managers can deploy PULSE key-operated energy-harvesting cylinders and padlocks on doors, cabinets or gates, alongside a large range of Aperio wireless locks and Signo wired readers, if they choose. 

Flexibility and scalability for facility managers in a changing world  

Businesses are constantly evolving and need flexible access management. Because Incedo Business is a scalable ecosystem, customers have the option to start small — with a handful of offline PULSE cylinders, padlocks and cabinet locks, for example — and grow as their needs change. The investment in hardware or software is always protected, because the Incedo platform is built to grow with a business. 

Wireless, battery-powered Aperio devices for doors or server racks can be managed online, for real-time control over openings, alongside offline control of PULSE devices within the same system setup.  

This has another major advantage for a team: They equip more openings with access control and manage everything from one interface. A single, programmable PULSE key can unlock every digital cylinder or padlock. The key also has an RFID chip inside, so can unlock other doors secured with wireless or wired locking, too. 


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