Crumbling computer systems

Given the recent news that ‘crumbling computer systems are putting patient lives at risk’, please see below for a comment from Faki Saadi, Director of Sales, France, UK, Ireland at SOTI.

Faki explains how out-of-date computer systems and significant device downtime is impacting healthcare professionals and patient care. He explains how IT healthcare leaders can update health tech devices and integrate them into pre-existing systems to reduce technical difficulties.

‘Outdated computer systems have exposed cracks and inefficiencies within the healthcare infrastructure and ‘crumbling’ computers are causing further delays in patient care, while also preventing healthcare professionals from accessing patient records and ordering vital tests.  SOTI’s recent research report estimates device downtime is costing UK healthcare providers an average of 167 hours a year, resulting in 21 days annually, meaning practitioners are busy resolving tech issues and not carrying out patient care. Legacy systems are dominant in healthcare, and now is the time to innovate. IT teams need to focus on updating current healthcare technologies to help transform patient care. Firstly ensuring each device is secure, configured and managed on the network, will reduce technical issues and avoid device downtime and data vulnerabilities. Implementing an advanced diagnostic tool to oversee the entire Infrastructure, will ensure early detection of any device and application issues and the prevention of any downtime impacting patient care.”

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