Does Biometrics have a role to play in a smart city?

Biometrics have a role to play in a smart city?

Does Biometrics have a role to play in a smart city? The landscape of our future is a hyper connected, smart city where data is fluid. However, with more data flow, results in increased cybersecurity threats.

As cities get smarter, so do they become more attractive to hackers and cyber-attackers. With so much personal and private data flowing through the system, how do we ensure the cities of the future are also secure ones?

With urban populations expanding, some cities are struggling to cope under the strain, as out-of-date and defunct infrastructures buckle under the weight of a modernised, and fast-growing society. according to reports, 92.2% of the UK population is expected to live in cities by 2030. As city populations increase, so too does the need to efficiently and suitably manage them to provide a safe, secure and prosperous environment for all. That’s where smart cities come in.

The base of any smart city consists of a network of multi-connected sensors, reporting and recording mountains of data as a picture of everyday life in the city. This data can be used to reshape and remodel processes and assets and supply chains, and improve and enhance the overall network and efficiency processes that run a city. This network of sensors is called the Internet of Things (IoT). With a plethora of personal and private data being collected and analysed across the network, so does it become a more attractive prospect to hackers and cyber-attackers looking to capitalise on such integral and important infrastructure and data streams.

Ensuring these networks are secure and robust is going to be vital to the perceived success of any smart city. Pitfalls or holes in the network could lead to potentially damaging, or even life-threatening situations. Ensuring people’s data is safe is likely to be integral to generating any form of trust or public backing towards a smart city project…..


Continue this article in the next edition of Security Buyer, where we will discover how Biometrics is the future of smart cities.

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