Genie Access launches compact super strength magnetic locks

Genie Access, a division of Genie CCTV Ltd., has launched a new concept in electro mechanical locking, offering unparalleled features and benefits over conventional electro magnetic locks.

Vortex is a powerful yet compact magnet fitted with a conical orifice which confines a very strong alloy pin within a vortex of magnetic and mechanical forces. This product is available in various sizes and models suitable for surface or flush mount high security installations.

The new compact magnetic lock has been introduced in the market as not only a retrofit option but as an alternative to conventional magnetic locks. Vortex offers solutions to various high security applications in which conventional magnetic locks can not be applied.
It is an ideal product for high security applications not only because it is extremely compact and secure but also due to the sensory technology it offers.

Apart from its compact aesthetic appearance, The Vortex magnet, GAMEM 2400LP incorporates a large, oval, forward facing status LED which alerts passers by to the actual status of the door (i.e Green or Red)

The size to holding force ratio of the Vortex magnetic lock enables the product to be fitted to low hanging doors and provide a holding force of 1500 Kg (3300lbs). This significantly outperforms a single or even DBL Standard magnetic lock which only holds 1000Kg (2200lbs)

Conventional magnets pose a health and safety risk due to their physical size and weight. Both these issues are overcome with Vortex as it offers greater holding force at a quarter of the size and weight than its rivals.

In addition to the incredible holding force, Vortex has 3 different sensors built in to output maximum information about its status at all times. One of the most prominent sensors in the Vortex is an early warning pressure sensor which detects an applied force to the door and provides a warning before the integrity of the door is actually compromised. Additional sensors include door positioning and door status.

The new compact locks are now available nationwide through most security distributors.

Rui D’ Almeida, Genie’s Access Control Manager says “When compared to a standard magnetic lock, the new vortex locks are 30% more stronger, 75% smaller and boast 50% less power consumption, making them energy efficient”


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