Hikvision Helped ODM Educational Group to Achieve Digitalisation


Hikvision has helped ODM Educational Group to impend digital transformation with its interactive display solution. ODM Educational Group accommodates several K-12 CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) schools. It is one of the leading educational institutes in the India’s education sector. The organisation faced the challenge of transitioning from traditional teaching methods to interactive learning environments. Despite their focus on academic excellence, outdated infrastructure like whiteboards was out of sync with the modern tech-driven world. Additionally, the impending digital transformation meant that faculty members needed extensive training to effectively use new technologies.

To tackle this issue, ODM collaborated with Hikvision, rolling out a dynamic two-part strategy in two affiliated schools. The first installation of 60 screens greatly enhanced the efficiency and engagement of the teaching and learning experience. To ensure the faculty could maximize the benefits of these panels, the Hikvision Team developed a comprehensive training program. The training covered various aspects, ranging from basic operations like wireless projection and annotation, to the use of third-party applications, and content synchronization with secondary classrooms.

ODM has plans to expand the installation to more schools in the coming year. As the technology is expanded to more classrooms and schools, ongoing training, support, and adaptation will be crucial to maintain the benefits of digitalization. Continued investment in technology will ensure that the organization remains a leader in educational innovation.

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