Hostile Vehicle Mitigation by ATG Access

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation by ATG Access

Hostile Vehicle Mitigation by ATG Access

ATG Access delivered their annual HVM briefing in London last week. Highlights from the briefing can be found below. ATG’s Engineering Director Robert Ball addressed the security industry delegates.

Main Address:
The physical high security market in the UK is becoming somewhat commoditised. Competition in any market is essential but care must be taken to ensure that expertise in physical security specification and product design is not diluted. Standards are essential to differentiate products and ensure that they will perform correctly if ever faced with an attack situation. Supporting quality is essential for the integrity of the HVM industry.

Attention should be paid beyond just the high security product itself but also to the civil installation process. Because of the way high security equipment is bought, it is very easy for procurement teams to look at the initial product or unit cost and no further. In reality, despite up-front product costs being minimal, because of the way products are engineered, civil installation may be costly, disruptive and take longer than competing products which may be initially more expensive per unit.

An example of this can be seen when comparing shallow foundation products with traditional deep rooted statics. Even though per bollard, traditional deep rooted products are considerably cheaper than shallow mounted bollards; the civil installation cost far outweighs those incurred when installing shallow foundation products. With traditional depth statics there is more ground to excavate, more spoil to remove, up to three times more concrete needed to backfill, more man hours required and subsequently longer leasing periods for hire machinery and far more disruption to ‘live’ sites. The whole picture needs to be taken into account when embarking on the purchase of perimeter security or physical access control systems.

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