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Deployable H.V.M. – deployment now needs to be as good as the testing regime

The UK has the best Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (H.V.M.) testing and certification regime in the world. The UK’s development of H.V.M. standards, test techniques and their application have been embraced internationally and been key to the development of the international standards we now have. This undoubtedly contributes hugely to a much safer world but there is always a real danger that any certification scheme inadvertently promotes counter intuitive outcomes. This

Crowdguard Commences Deployment of Award Winning Terrorism Deterrent Technology

Crowdguard is delighted to be deploying British made hostile vehicle mitigation product, ATG’s pioneering Surface Guard, across the UK in partnership with Ainscough Industrial Services. Winner of the Physical Security category in 2019’s Counter Terror Awards, the surface mounted, portable barrier system protects crowds from vehicle attacks at events with no need for road fixings – allowing secure installation on a multitude of terrains and ground conditions. The highly portable

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