IDIS completes successful integration with Gallagher and Paxton

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Newest DirectIP™ integrations enhance IDIS’s ability to meet customer needs

IDIS announced the successful integration of its flagship end-to-end surveillance solution, DirectIP™, with Gallagher Command Centre and Paxton’s Net2 access control. These integrations further demonstrate the IDIS commitment to meeting marketplace needs for seamless security solutions.
The Gallagher Command Centre provides a critical business platform, delivering organizational security and operational continuity. The platform goes beyond conventional access control, enforcing business policies, allowing the management of multiple clearances, licenses, and competences for cardholders to ensure duty of care, and health and safety obligations are met. Key functions include visitor management, time and attendance, monitoring and tracking, intruder alarm detection and emergency management.
“The IDIS integration of the DirectIP™ DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs and Gallagher Command Centre Version 7.2, enables powerful and seamless functionality through the Gallagher interface,” said Keith Drummond, Senior Director at IDIS America. “Core features include live full-HD video streaming and the ability to easily search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents. Additionally, alarms can be used to trigger cameras to turn to pre-set positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response, as well as giving users complete PTZ control.”
Paxton’s Net2 is an advanced PC-based access control solution offering centralized and scalable administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors for up to 50,000 users. Notes Drummond, “Net2 perfectly tailors access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes Net2 a perfect combination with IDIS DirectIP™ surveillance, as both solutions combine high performance with simplicity of installation, operation, and maintenance to ensure a low cost of ownership.”
The new integration of Net2 Version 5.1 and DirectIP™ enables simple plug-and-play installation of the IDIS DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs using auto detect technology through Net2’s interface. Features include full-HD live streaming, easily retrieval and play back of time selected footage and the ability to use two-way audio from the control room to camera locations. DirectIP™ NVRs provide the video recording linking site incidents and alarms to corresponding video. Pre and post event recording options ensure video evidence of events, such as a forced door, is captured from numerous angles in full-HD, while operators have full PTZ control to verify alarms in real time.
Drummond commented, “Since the launch of DirectIP™ globally, and continuing through the American debut at ISC West in April, IDIS has made working with best-of-breed technology partners and delivering truly integrated security solutions, a priority. IDIS integration with Gallagher and Paxton enables our customers to close security gaps caused by disparate security systems, and improve operator effectiveness and efficiency, all while improving situational awareness and the ability for organizations to better respond to threats and incidents.”

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