Integrated security system for Africa’s biggest port now operational

Harbour of Tanger Med
Harbour of Tanger Med

Cassidian has announced its Integrated MARitime SECurity (IMARSEC) system for the protection of Tanger Med harbour in northern Morocco is now in full operation.

It encompasses video surveillance and video content analysis, maritime surveillance, an access control system that includes biometry and optical character recognition, a public address system, a communications network and a control room.

The integrated security system combats illegal immigration, terrorist attacks and smuggling on the territory of Africa’s biggest port.

In addition to all the security measures that make up the system, Cassidian has installed its innovative port security management system, known as SecuriSyte, allowing the operators to manage the integrated subsystems with a single, unified interface.

The General Manager of the Tanger Med Port Authority (TMPA) Najlaa Diouri said: “We have choosen a world leader in aeronautics, space and defence as a partner to provide an efficient and innovative system, effective at any time and against any threat.”

Jens Nielsen, Head of Integrated Systems at Cassidian added: “Cassidian is proud to contribute with this highly sophisticated integrated security system to the protection of people, goods, maritime traffic and the environment within the port, coastal and maritime area of this international hub.”

The system is operated by most of the port security authorities such as customs and police, thereby fostering cooperation between these organisations.

Tanger Med is the biggest port of Africa. Once Tanger Med II – the extension of the current facilities – has been completed in 2015, the harbour will have a total capacity of 8.5 million TEU (twenty-foot equivalent unit), making it as well the biggest port in the Mediterranean Sea.

The construction of Tanger Med was launched in 2004, and the first commercial operations began in 2007. Cassidian embarked on the project in 2008.

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