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Take a look at the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LCPB)’s attack zone at Intersec 2024, where market leading products are put to the test by specialists 

In an era where global security concerns are at the forefront, the world’s premier security, fire, and safety industry trade fair, Intersec, has partnered with the Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB). This collaboration marks a significant stride in promoting and supporting third-party approvals and certification of various security products, highlighting the global commitment to a more secure environment. 

The LPCB, a globally recognised certification body, has been a beacon of trust and reliability for over 150 years. A part of BRE, the LPCB has a long-standing tradition of collaborating with industry leaders and insurers since its inception in 1868. The board’s primary focus has been to establish and maintain standards that ensure fire and security products and services are effective and reliable. LPCB’s Loss Prevention Standards (LPS) have gained widespread recognition and application in the fire and security sectors globally, setting a high benchmark in the industry. 

A key feature of LPCB’s methodology is its robust testing and evaluation process, which forms the backbone of its third-party certification. This approach is exemplified in its forced entry testing, a procedure that has gained international acclaim for its rigor and effectiveness. Following its highly successful debut at Intersec 2023, the Live-Attack Zone, a dynamic and engaging feature, will make a return at Intersec 2024. 

The Live-Attack Zone offers a unique and educational experience, allowing visitors to witness first-hand the prowess and efficiency of a wide array of physical security products. LPCB’s forced entry specialists will be demonstrating these products in real time, providing invaluable insights into their capabilities. This feature not only showcases the strength and resilience of the products but also educates attendees on the importance and impact of certified security solutions. 

In addition to this interactive experience, Intersec 2024 will also introduce an exclusive, tailor-made, and cost-effective exhibiting option at the Live-Attack Zone pavilion. This initiative is designed to provide participants with an unparalleled platform to display their latest innovations and solutions in physical security. It represents a unique opportunity for industry players to engage directly with a global audience, showcasing their commitment to advancing security measures and technologies. 

This partnership between Intersec and the LPCB is more than just a collaboration; it’s a testament to the growing global emphasis on securing environments and protecting assets. By joining forces, they are setting new standards in the security industry, encouraging the development and implementation of high-quality, certified products that can withstand the challenges of modern threats. 

The significance of this partnership extends beyond the boundaries of the trade fair. It represents a collective effort by governments, industry leaders, and certification bodies worldwide to enhance security measures. This collaboration is a step forward in creating a safer world, demonstrating the power of unity and shared commitment in the face of evolving security challenges. 

As Intersec continues to lead the way in the security, fire, and safety industry, its alliance with the LPCB is a shining example of how collaboration and innovation can pave the way for a more secure future. The Live-Attack Zone at Intersec 2024 will not only be a highlight of the event but a symbol of the industry’s dedication to excellence and the relentless pursuit of a safer world. 

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