ISD Tech unifies global security for evolving systems

ISD Tech has delivered a unified security and access control solution for software company Evolving Systems to centrally manage the safe flow of people across multiple global locations while reducing costs, raising efficiency and strengthening security practices worldwide.
To support global expansion, leading Evolving Systems wanted to reduce reliance on manned guarding at local sites, standardise disparate access control and security systems, and deliver a scalable solution to support future growth.
A key challenge was to secure buy-in from stakeholders with different needs in the UK, France, Dubai and India for a single unified solution. Following detailed risk studies and feasibility trials, ISD Tech designed and delivered a Brivo Systems’ cloud-based solution to give Evolving Systems centralised control of its access and security functions.
The ability to integrate access control with live viewing, recording and assessment of video streams was precisely the kind of future-proofing stipulated in the brief. The ISD Tech solution has given Evolving Systems user-friendly centralised control via a desktop or mobile Internet browser making it easy to set schedules and view live graphic reports.
With dramatically improved situation awareness of events across its global estate, the Evolving Systems team can immediately respond to actual or perceived threats based on the most accurate, up-to-date information. Exploiting the system’s powerful intelligence and remote monitoring capacity while reducing manpower costs has produced major savings with no fall-off in security and safety levels.
Additional benefits include scope to use real-time access control reports for fire mustering. Other departments such as human resources can operate more efficiently by exchanging data with the new control software without the need for additional re-keying.
Commenting, Lee Odess, Vice President of Marketing, Brivo Systems said: “A reduction in wage bills for security guards has allowed Evolving Systems to divert more resources into R&D and continue to be a global leader in connecting mobile devices worldwide. ISD Tech combined lateral thinking, attention to detail and knowledge of the Brivo solution to allow centralised identity management and tracking of movements across the entire Evolving Systems estate.”
ISD Tech conducted much of the configuration remotely from the UK, which delivered significant cost savings and reduced the number of contractors required while minimising disruption to routine business operations. As a cloud-based system, the installation required only minimal wiring that could be bundled alongside existing structured cabling. The solution also enabled Evolving Systems to leverage its investment in existing hardware by extending its use to security so reducing the costs and carbon footprint of the new installation.
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