Kaba provides access control solution for Turbomeca UK

Kaba access control
Kaba access control

All manufacturing facilities know security and time recording is a primary focus for business continuity. Any disruption to production and output has a direct impact on the business and the more complex the manufacturing process, the more sensitive it is to outside intrusion and unauthorised access.

Kaba access control and workforce management solutions can help a company enhance its security and maximise staff efficiency by managing one of its most important and biggest costs….personnel.

Absenteeism results in an average loss of £760 per employee per year which equates to about 6.5 days of lost time*.

Turbomeca designs, manufactures and markets low-to-medium power gas turbines for helicopters, and today, is the world’s leading provider of helicopter engines.

Its 7000m² UK facility, based in Fareham Hampshire, services the engines in helicopters operated by UK military and commercial customers. These range from oil giant Bristow to police air units and HM the Queen. The company also manufactures sophisticated aerospace components for turbines powering drones and missiles.

Turbomeca UK wanted access control for their premises and a time and attendance system for their 200 employees. The key requirements were that the solution was fully integrated, could facilitate their Human Resources and, at a later date, be integrated into their SAP system.

Kaba was invited to undertake a site survey and with client consultation, went through a process of understanding Turbomeca UK’s business to identify the best security solution and management of personnel movement that had the ability to develop over time.

Elliot Seymour, HR Director explained: “Turbomeca UK is a precision aerospace company so it was important to us that we found a partner that really understood our business and could work with us in managing the time and attendance of our people”.

Subsequently, Kaba was awarded the contract to deliver a flexible solution that was reliable, secure and easy to use.

The Kaba Logitime access control module now provides Turbomeca UK a complete insight into which employees and visitors are present, when they arrived and where they are in real time.

With the help of access profiles the system manager can indicate at which times of the day and which days of the week access is allowed to every employee and visitor. An access profile can also be linked to a badge or a working schedule to synchronise with their working hours.

The access control badge readers are installed at 30 access points throughout the premises and the perimeter gates.

The “Reception” option enables the user to see who is currently present and when somebody is expected, while the “Emergency” function provides a roll cal report which tells the user exactly who is present and where in the event of a fire. In emergency situations all the access points can be opened at once.

Collecting real time & attendance information provides significant business benefits and can save up to 5% of gross annual payroll. Between 0.5% and 5% of payroll costs are accounted for by errors, which could be eliminated with a more efficient time recording system. Approximate saving (at 1%) of £166 per employee per year**.

The time & attendance module was configured so Turbomeca UK could register the presence, sickness, holiday, overtime or any other data for each employee in an easy and flexible way.

The entire T&A solution ensures that all data is collected, processed and stored correctly. This minimises the necessity to enter all kinds of amendments and corrections manually, saving valuable time and money and the results can be accurately exported to Turbomeca UK’s payroll system.

Working schedules are possible for any kind of working agreement. Logitime can use schedules with fixed hours, variable hours, shift rotation, shifted working hours, full continuous work, part timers, stand-by workers or any other type of schedule.

The most common settings are entered at company or department level. Exceptions, like individual agreements and regulations, can be specified for the employee. This structure makes it simpler and faster to organise and easier to maintain.

Where their manual system could not provide visibility of who was in and where they were, Turbomeca UK can now monitor and manage all this information in real time, increasing their flexibility, reducing costs and eradicating any payroll error at source.

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