New PureTech PureActiv features deep learning module and health monitor

New PureTech PureActiv features deep learning module and health monitor

PureTech Systems has announced the release of the newest version of its patented PureActiv geospatial video management and video analytics software, which features deep learning video analytics module, a dashboard for monitoring the health condition of the system and connected peripherals, increased location based intelligence and an improved alarm work flow.

The release also contains a wealth of feature improvements, bugs fixes and 3rd party sensor integrations, the company said.

Key features of the PureActiv 14 release include:

Map-Based Threat Assessment – The PureActiv map-based GUI provides a user interface with a high level of situational awareness.  The newly added map-based threat assessment feature correlates track data from multiple sensors (video analytics, radar, buried acoustic) and analyses the data based on various geolocation aspects, including location, track, speed and object type in order to better assess the target, minimize false alarms and declutter the real-time display of tracks on the GIS map.

Deep Learning – The use of neural network software to evaluate scenes has proven effective for many types of video analytics scenarios.  PureActiv 14 now includes a deep learning capability, which can be applied to recognize specific objects in the video scene to enhance object classification, decrease nuisance conditions, and improve detection accuracy.

Health Monitoring Dashboard – PureActiv communicates with all connected surveillance system components such as cameras, radars, and fence sensors.    The new health monitoring dashboard included in the latest software release provides a health summary of all of the connected surveillance system components.  The dashboard indicates the current health of monitored software, hardware, sensors and inter-component communications using red, yellow and green indicators.  These status alerts can then be used to quickly identify hard‐to‐find system problems and rapidly address the root cause of failures.

Alarm Work Flow – Many institutions use multiple locations and a team of security professionals to monitor and react to security events.  For these installations, PureActiv 14 adds supervisory capability to alarm workflows, whereby alarms can be assigned to specific users, reassigned and sorted by user, type or severity.  Alarms that are not addressed in a pre-defined period are automatically flagged, so they may be reassigned.  The new capability also includes a supervisory review function for alarms and assignments.

Continued Integrations – As with all PureActiv releases, a wide range of 3rd party integrations have been added including camera integrations from Silent Sentinel, Hikvision, KT&S Innovative and PVP Advanced Electro-Optical systems, integration with SRC Inc and SpotterRF radars, US Towers integration for mobile deployment, OptaSense® Fiber Optic Perimeter Intrusion Detection System and gunshot detection systems from Safety Dynamics and the SST ShotSpotter.

PureTech Systems President and CEO, Larry Bowe said:

“Our underlying mission is innovation of geospatial video technology to help our customers ensure a secure and safe environment. In this release, we’ve added several new capabilities that will add considerable value, including the health monitoring dashboard to aid our installers during installation and system support and the deep learning module, which can be used to improve detection/classification accuracy and handle more sophisticated use cases.”

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