Lee Copland explains what to expect from Maxxess at Intersec

Lee Copland Maxxess Systems

Ahead of Intersec 2015 in Dubai’s World Trade Centre from 18 to 20 January, we have been speaking to Lee Copland, Managing Director EMEA, Maxxess Systems to find out what to expect from the industry leader at the show.

What has brought you back to Intersec for the 2015 event?
The Middle East is a strategic market for Maxxess where we have successfully grown our customer base, which is supported by our dedicated office in Dubai. We are continuing to invest in the region in terms of technical support, operations as well as sales and marketing. So it makes sense for us to capitalise on Intersec, one of the largest electronic security shows in the world. What makes Intersec an important event for Maxxess is the continued high attendance of visitors from both the trade and end user community. Our software platform, eFusion, benefits the entire security buying chain from consultants, installers and integrators, as well as end user customers, so Intersec gives us a fantastic opportunity to meet them all under one roof.

Intersec is also the perfect platform for us to showcase new integrations with leading manufacturers and to launch our revolutionary cloud-based solution, ambit.

What will you be exhibiting at the show?
We have some exciting new off-the-shelf technologies integrated into our eFusion software platform, which now boasts a market-leading 50 plus integrations with world leading manufacturers. We’ll be showcasing the successful integration of eFusion with Salto’s Virtual Network, which provides customers all the flexibility and efficiency of wireless access control and electronic locking with a powerful security management platform. Already proven and installed in the UK, we’re giving customers the ability to centrally manage all their security and building management systems including both new technology and legacy equipment.

During Intersec, we’re also launching a dynamic on and offline consultant’s pack. We’ve listened to the frustrations and challenges consultants have when designing and pricing electronic security systems so our goal is provide everything a forward thinking consultant needs to design a complete end-to-end security solution.

What makes your products stand out from the crowd?
It’s our modular and flexible approach and the freedom we give customers to choose best of breed systems across surveillance, intruder, fire, perimeter, etc. The modular nature of eFusion allows us to modify and tailor configurations to meet each of our customer’s security requirements. Specifically engineered to scale and grow whether it is a single facility or large-scale, multi-location operation, eFusion can integrate with a multitude of systems and technologies. This enables customers to adapt to an ever-changing threat landscape, while protecting their security investment with a future proof solution.

In addition, we offer customers Max Financing, which presents a number of financing options that allow customers to stretch their security budgets further. Either structured as an operating lease over three years, Maxxess will lease the total program, including equipment, software, labour, support contracts and profit. The alternative is our Divide by Three Plan, which again finances a complete security program including third party hardware and calls for three annual payments-one third up front, one third after the first year and one third after the second year.

Why do you think demand is growing for integrated solutions?
There are a number of factors driving demand. Firstly, it’s about increasing resilience and disparate systems can cause gaps in security as operators miss alarms coming from multiple systems or find they cannot easily verify them. If we take the eFusion integration with Salto’s Virtual Network, in the event of a forced door, operators are automatically presented with instant visual verification from the nearest camera view. eFusion will then take personnel through systematic operating procedures to resolve the incident to ensure the best possible outcome. In addition, eFusion will track and record everything that is happens to support compliance and automate reporting.

Where integration of this nature can automate previously labour intensive processes there are obvious efficiencies to be gained. Integrated solutions can reduce the requirement for manned services or free up security officers to take on other tasks.

Integration can also help extend the life of legacy systems. A major systems overhaul often presents a complex and costly project and many companies want to take a phased approach. By integrating older equipment into a management platform organisations can reap the benefits of enhanced security and efficiencies, while embarking on a manageable migration path.

Importantly, integration offers a future proof solution. Organisations no longer have to look at ripping and replacing their electronic security to adapt to technological advances, expansion or evolving threats. As new technologies come on line a security management platform should have the capability to integrate these as well as being scalable for multi-site and global operations and that’s exactly what eFusion does.

How are things developing for Maxxess in the Middle East?
It’s a strategic region for Maxxess for a number of reasons and we’ve seen significant growth since starting our operations in Dubai in 2013. With continued infrastructure development there continues to be a high demand for greenfield security solutions. The region is also tech-savvy in that the ability to integrate security and other building management systems is seen as a key factor in security investment decisions, especially for large campuses and multi-site operations. As a result, large organisations are choosing eFusion from across a range of industries including government ministries, transportation, hospitality, education and corporate enterprises. The launch of ambit will also enable those customers to extend operational efficiencies out into the field and enhance the safety of an increasingly mobile workforce. With Dubai 2020 and the World Cup due to take place in the coming years it’s an exciting time to be working in the Middle East, especially as an MD based in Dubai.

What are your key goals for 2015?
We will continue to invest in our Middle East operations to ensure our customers receive first class local support and we’ve already extended our sales and marketing team in the region. Dedicated to innovation, we will deepen the relationships with our technology partners to ensure the design and delivery of open security management solutions.

Together with progressive sales targets, we want to educate the market to the fact that security systems integration doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. We offer off-the-shelf integrations using a modular approach without complex pricing structures or licensing fees. We don’t believe customers should pay year-on-year for those integrations and projects should take weeks not months.

What are you hoping to get out of Intersec 2015?
The whole team is looking forward to networking with existing customers as well as with our industry peers. The show is also a great opportunity for lead generation and at the same time with local and intentional press in attendance will provide the perfect launch pad for ambit. Intersec is also a great social occasion, so we’re also looking forward to having some fun!

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