LOCKEN celebrates 15 years of innovation

LOCKEN is celebrating its 15th anniversary by highlighting some of the innovations that have helped to propel its growth.
The company was established in 2003, combining the knowledge and expertise of its three founders, Arnaud Flecchia, Roland de la Chapelle and Stéphane Conreux. Well established within the telecom and IT world, this threesome has transformed the business of access control: thanks to breakthrough technology, based on intelligent keys and user-friendly software, they brought to the market a solution that required no wiring or maintenance. This benefited major telecom, energy and water distribution infrastructures, where isolated and sensitive, external sites are the norm.
In 2004, just a year after the company was setup, the LOCKEN key was sending its data via a remote device directly connected to the system. Awarded the “Trophée de l’innovation” in 2007, LOCKEN picked up the pace of innovation from then on.
In 2009, the company released the LOCKEN Web Request software application, a complementary module improving coordination of the activities of technicians on sites. Subsequently, 2014 saw the advent of the MyLocken application and new customised services were developed around access control. The following year, the application took on a new dimension to meet the specific needs of customers with customised functions, such as authorisations, declarations of presence on site and reporting of anomalies, combined with new technologies like beacon and RFID.
In 2015, LOCKEN completed development of the software application termed LOCKEN Smart Access (LSA), the first multi-technology access management platform that would emerge as the cornerstone of its future strategy, since the system could now control different types of identifiers such as keys, badges and smartphones. In 2017, LSA’s ergonomics were upgraded to a more graphic approach, in line with new practices using applications like Google Maps.
Over time, major companies in the transport, industry, banking and local government sectors have followed the lead of multi-site companies and turned to LOCKEN, attracted by its “customer business line optimisation” philosophy.
In 2016, the merger with the Italian manufacturer ISEO opened up new avenues: the contactless key with a Bluetooth module arrived on the scene. More efficient and more secure, it has allowed LOCKEN to build leading-edge equipment into its offering.

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