Maxxess to launch new platform and visitor management at Intersec

Maxxess to launch new platform and visitor management at Intersec

Maxxess to launch new platform and visitor management at Intersec

New eMobile dashboards and Visit-Point leverage smart mobile devices and apps to boost security and deliver significant operational efficiencies

Visitors to Intersec on 22-24 January 2017 at the Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre will get a first look at the future of visitor management and eMobile, an operations intelligence platform that allows organisations to manage, monitor and connect employees on the move while delivering powerful big data intelligence.

A new module within Maxxess eFusion, Visit-Point is operated via a web browser, and allows employees to book meeting rooms and input details of required attendees. The system then sends out an invite alerting attendees to required credentials such as ID cards or passports, which is becoming a requirement particularly for visitors to large enterprise and government facilities. Streamlining previously manual processes, attendees report to reception desks and display their credentials and in return receive a pre-configured access card. This more efficient and simple management of visitors provides security operatives with details of exactly who is on site at any given time, supporting mustering in the event of an incident and an audit trail should suspicious behaviour be detected at a later date.

Commenting Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA, said:

“Organisations are becoming more conscious of the need to verify the presence and number of staff, contractors, visitors and deliveries on site. Modules and mobile apps within eFusion, such as Visit-Point, provide exactly that and in turn strengthen both security and safety while simultaneously streamlining processes and providing an audit trail in the event of an incident.”

During Intersec, Maxxess will also demonstrate how its extending the power of its operations intelligence platform, eMobile, with feature-rich new dashboards that turns security systems, point of sale, IT networks software data into intelligence. By taking this live data, eMobile uses a unique processing architecture that constantly analyses and profiles the data and cross references it with human behaviour to provide several signals and indicators that alert security and operations operatives of any abnormal activity. For instance, if an employee changes their route in and out of a building, undertakes unusual activity on the corporate network, or accesses a site during a scheduled holiday.

The dashboards also display a range statistics to improve processes such as by understanding when areas of a building are most active, when the majority visitors attend site or the average Wi-Fi usage per session allowing operational teams to adapt processes and configure networks and building management systems accordingly to deliver significant operational efficiencies.

Lee Copland, Managing Director, Maxxess, EMEA, said:

“eMobile gives organisations the ability to take a more proactive approach to security by identifying suspicious or unusual behaviour before an incident occurs. Security and operations operatives already have a wealth of knowledge as to what occurred prior to a historic event taking place, such as a major security or health and safety breach. eMobile dashboards can be dynamically configured to exactly what any given organisation wants to monitor or identify, determining when an alert is triggered so that unfamiliar working practices can be analysed.

“In addition, eMobile dashboards will take data system including all access control systems from any manufacturers without the need for any bespoke integration. So, no matter what systems organisations are operating they can benefit immediately from being more proactive around security and safety and at the same time drive tangible operational efficiencies.”

eFusion is Maxxess’ signature solution offering a highly versatile and modular security platform that gives organisations the flexibility to scale as their business grows. Its open technology software supports more than 50 off-the-shelf integrations including integration with multiple surveillance manufacturers. This provides the freedom to integrate surveillance, access control, fire and intruder systems from top security vendors with back office operations, with less cost and complexity than conventional physical security information management (PSIM) solutions.

The new suite of eMobile apps for eFusion includes capabilities to:
• Verify the presence and number of staff, contractors, visitors and deliveries on site
• Manage staff transport with check-in/check-out features to account for all passengers
• Validate vehicles and drivers moving on and off-site
• Monitor the movement of personnel on and off an estate, including electronic log in
• Verify staff time and attendance at work or on remote sites
• Control manned guard tours, schedules and emergency mustering.

To find out more about the the new eFusion modules and eMobile apps, please email or visit

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