Milestone expands device support and adds body-worn camera solutions

Milestone Systems, the open platform company in networked video management software (VMS), has released Device Pack 8.5 for partners and customers using Milestone XProtect video solutions.

Milestone device packs, released every other month, contain software updates supporting new hardware. These updates are always a priority at Milestone and are further evidence of the company’s dedication to enhancing the abilities of the Milestone partner community.

Milestone partners have a palette of more than 5.000 supported devices for use in designing optimal solutions for theirs and Milestone’s joint customers. Partners can also provide input that enables Milestone to add device support for cameras not already supported. This feedback is quickly responded to by the Milestone development team thanks to the use of true open platform technology in the Milestone software.

Body-worn camera solution supported 

Body-worn cameras are being used for video evidence in public safety, security and observation. These advanced devices increase safety of personnel in the field. This type of camera also improves situational awareness for command and control. It provides video documentation and industrial inspection. Body-worn cameras can be used for point-of-view recording for TV and sports broadcasts.

The Zepcam body-worn camera solution is supported in Device Pack 8.5. The integration is based on ONVIF and makes it possible to view and record real-time bodycam live streams in Milestone XProtect software.

Focus on ONVIF safety

In this device pack extended security options have been added to the Milestone ONVIF driver. Now video and data can be encrypted using Transport Layer Security in Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This is known as HTTPS and is the same security function used to keep credit card transactions safe on the internet.

The use of HTTPS is on top of the extensive security features in XProtect 2016 and adds an extra level of security when safety video is transmitted through public and semi-public internet based networks. This enables Milestone partners to design solutions that meet the highest demands for IT security within video applications.    

News highlights in the device pack 

Devices from German camera manufacturer Abus have been added. Support for 60 frames per second recording has been added. Additional features for city surveillance applications were also developed for this device pack.

ONVIF support signals Milestone dedication to standards

Milestone works closely with device manufacturers in the Camera Partner Program (CaPP) to achieve optimal interaction between their devices and the XProtect VMS.

Before ONVIF-supported devices are listed in the supported hardware list on, they have been tested to ensure 100% functionality with the XProtect open platform technology.

“Milestone open platform technology is again proving its value to the partner community,” says Henrik Sydbo Hansen, Head of the Camera Partner Program at Milestone Systems. “This swift implementation of body worn cameras and ONVIF security is clear proof of our ongoing commitment to the wide-ranging and most complete device support in the market”.

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