MSAB offers end to end mobile forensics solutions

MSAB announces the fourth major release for 2021. Together these updates create a complete security and integrity focused ecosystem. “MSAB offers a truly secure end to end mobile forensics solutions on the market to prevent and solve crimes around the world. We have a complete digital forensic ecosystem solution that maintains the integrity of recovering digital evidence from mobile devices while preserving fundamental rights to privacy”, said Joel Bollö, CEO of MSAB.

The updated mobile forensics solution for digital data extraction, XRY, comes with a secure file format, now supporting over 39,300 device profiles. They enable forensic specialists access to the increased amount of data, even from the latest mobile devices. Additionally, XAMN, the forensic analysis tool, gives investigators a complete crime to court-solution allowing them to present their findings with confidence.

“MSAB plays an important role in supporting law enforcement and government agencies as we work together globally to prevent and solve crimes. We do this through our innovative forensic technology solutions that enable law enforcement agencies to access more mobile data from mobile devices, conduct in-depth data analysis and help digital forensic managers to lead their teams efficiently”, said Bollö.

The MSAB mobile forensics extraction solution, XRY, improves the chain of custody with the next level of secure XRY file format. The upgraded security framework will enable law enforcement agencies to show that they are taking all reasonable technological steps when conducting criminal investigations.

“In 2021 we have had 11 releases, including four major and seven micro releases, and hundreds of new features across the product portfolio allowing digital investigators to both access more data from locked phones and help make that data more meaningful. We are proud to announce that with the addition of the new “Report Builder” function.

XAMN gives agencies a complete crime to court-solution allowing them to make the report process even faster. The improved report builder allows them to present their findings objectively and with confidence in a judicial setting”, said Bradley Sipes, Chief Product Officer at MSAB.


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