New General Director: Euralarm provides leadership in a fast changing environment

Paul van der Zanden is the new General Director of Euralarm, bringing over 30 years of experience in the global security market to the role. The new General Director is committed to making Europe a safer place where more people have access to reliable fire protection, security systems and services.
We want to ensure that the industry will continue to offer the best professional products, systems and services which are secure, reliable and accessible for all businesses in Europe,” said van de Zanden. “We are well aware of the responsibility we have as an industry to deliver products, systems and services which do their job the moment we count on them.” 
Existing economic models are changing rapidly with new technologies and regulation creating both risks and opportunities, which will ultimately have an impact on the security and fire safety industry. Euralarm has existed for almost 50 years and continues to play an important role in driving new regulations and standardization. 
A good relationship with the local organizations and policy makers in the countries and Europe are part of this process. The European association offers a platform for different stakeholders from the industry to work together on standardization and market development. 

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