New TDSi plugin provides greater integration with Milestone’s XProtect video monitoring solution

Integrated security manufacturer TDSi announces the launch of its plugin with Milestones XProtect® Video Management Software (VMS) using the XProtect Access add-on which integrates directly with the company’s EXgarde Access Management and Integrated Security Systems Management software. The plugin now gives the option for operators to use Milestone’s powerful video management software as their primary user interface, whilst maintaining full access control via the EXgarde software for true two-way integration.
Mike Sussman, Technical Director at TDSi commented, “Milestone’s XProtect Access brings these two highly powerful solutions together, giving a greater flexibility for security operators to find the way of working to suit their needs. As well as pulling in video feeds from Milestone’s solution into EXgarde, the TDSi XProtect Access plugin also allows the Milestone software to take centre-stage and still utilise the collaborative abilities of EXgarde when it comes to the use of alarm systems and access control.”
Mike added, “This makes it very easy for the combined security solution to counter issues such as forced doors or the remote control of a car park barrier for example. With EXgarde’s powerful integration with business databases, the security operator is also able to check key-holder information in real-time. Additionally, the TDSi XProtect Access plugin also allows the security operator to link directly to Milestone’s powerful mapping system, feeding event details as they happen using a full two-way integration.”
TDSi’s integration has been designed for use by security operators in any vertical sector, giving the security team full choice of which portal they prefer to use for operations. CCTV feeds can be shared with access control and alarm systems through whichever configuration of software is chosen.
The TDSi XProtect Access plugin has been designed to integrate the latest version of EXgarde 4.5 with Milestones XProtect platform, and builds upon previous integration capabilities. Previous versions of EXgarde had already integrated with Milestone’s video surveillance software from the point of view of accepting data from the VMS, but version 4.5 includes the new TDSi XProtect Access plugin, allowing data to be shared the other way as well.
EXgarde 4.5 also offers a raft of features along with the TDSi XProtect Access plugin, including a Tenant Event Split option, integration with SimonsVoss wireless locking solutions, an updated EXtour Module, a security tours function and the new EXgarde Web Interface.
Mike concluded, “The TDSi XProtect Access plugin adds a degree of true flexibility that will be highly appealing to customers who want greater choice in the way they run their integrated security operations. This allows any organisation to reap the benefits of combining two of the security industry’s most powerful solutions in whichever guise they require.”

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