OPTEX protect new premises of major electronic surveillance distributor

When DVS Ltd, one of UK’s fastest growing distributors of electronic surveillance products, moved to new premises, it chose a range of highly reliable, proven outdoor REDWALL detectors and infrared beams from OPTEX to protect the perimeter and approach of its new warehouse and offices.
Formed in 2003, DVS Ltd quickly established itself as a successful multi-brand distributors of electronic surveillance products and is now the largest independent distributor in the UK.  In November 2015 DVS Ltd moved into new premises with five times the capacity for stock, making security a key concern.
The system chosen to protect the new facility has two principal purposes: Firstly, to secure the property, staff and stock; secondly, as a way of demonstrating the use of the intrusion detection system to potential clients in a new state-of-the-art demonstration room.
“Our new large premises include open spaces and open access from public areas into the private space, so we had to choose technology that would prove not only to be reliable and robust, but was easy to setup and provide the cover for the layout,” says David Davies, Technical Sales Manager, DVS Ltd.
“Given our knowledge of the latest intruder detectors, it was an easy decision to work with OPTEX to create the solution required.”
A system was designed by DVS Ltd in consultation with OPTEX engineers. The detectors chosen included five outdoor IP REDWALL PIRs (SIP-4010-IP units) installed on the front of the building situated on a CCTV Tower, covering the building’s approach and securing the car parking area. Since the sensors are PoE compliant, cabling was simplified, cutting down on installation and power costs.
The side and rear of the building are protected by OPTEX beam towers that form a virtual perimeter. These were specified to accommodate the wildlife and environment; trees and shrubbery surround the premises.
The detectors are integrated with HIKVision cameras, triggering preset positions and the CCTV system is monitored outside opening hours by a remote Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC). Any activations are filtered and acted on giving DVS Ltd peace of mind knowing it is protected 24/7.
“Since the system went live we have not had any false alarms from events that other products would suffer from,” adds David. “I’m happy that we chose to work with OPTEX and look forward to growing our relationship together.”

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