Paxton unveils revolutionary new access control product

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Paxton Net2 paxlock
Paxton Net2 paxlock

Market leading access control manufacturers, Paxton, have unveiled a revolutionary new product to kick off 2012. The most significant addition to Net2 in over a decade, Net2 PaxLock is a networked access control system in a door handle. Net2 PaxLock offers installers the most complete access control solution on the market by combining Paxton’s own reliable wireless protocol with the trusted technology of Net2, the UK’s favourite access control system.

Net2 PaxLock has been designed as a simple, stylish replacement for a door handle and comes ready to fit a standard Euro lock case. The product offers customers networked access control with extra features and benefits, and a solution that is versatile enough for a range of markets.

As with other Paxton products, the unit is incredibly fast to fit and simple to set up. Retailing at just £325, Net2 PaxLock is the easiest, most economical way for a site to extend their Net2 system, while reaping the benefits of fuss-free wireless access control.

Net2 PaxLock is ideal for sites where cabling has proven tricky. The unit communicates with the Net2 server PC via Net2Air, Paxton’s secure, proprietry wireless technology. Paxton have even developed the Net2Air site surveyor kit to ensure faultless Net2 PaxLock installation for installers fitting the unit.

Net2 PaxLock is a genuine online system that reports back to the Net2 server PC in real time, meaning door events and updates can be monitored quickly and easily in the Net2 software. Feature rich Net2 software is simple to learn, requiring no specialist technical knowledge to manage.

Net2 PaxLock features a full battery management system and long battery life, making the product extremely low maintenance. You can even set a low battery alarm in Net2 software to ensure complete control when managing your security. Net2 PaxLock uses AA batteries, which can be changed in under a minute.

Net2 PaxLock works with all other Paxton Net2 control units, providing ultimate flexibility.  There are four versions available; Paxton and Mifare proximity compatible versions come with or without the option of key override.

By fitting Net2 PaxLock, installers can offer customers all the benefits of the market leading service that comes from one of the most established brands in the business. Net2 PaxLock is supported by Paxton’s industry leading technical support, five year product guarantee and ultimate returns policy.

Adam Stroud, Joint Managing Director, says: “Net2 PaxLock is a great add-on for sites that already use Net2, or for sites where cabling has not been possible in the past. It is a product that brings together the powerful technology of Net2 with the advantages of a single door handle solution. The most significant addition to Net2 in over a decade, Net2 PaxLock provides a complete security solution.”


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