PriVendo trial installation at Merkur

PriVendo trial installation at Merkur

The Slovenian retail chain Merkur is one of the first to use PriVendo for a better customer understanding.

Merkur trgovina, d.d. (Merkur trade, Inc.) is the Slovenian market leader in sales of home products and DIY, electro-installation materials, apparatuses and appliances, machinery and tools, ferrous and non-ferrous metal products, and industrial items for professional use. The 1896 established company based in Naklo (Oberkrain) operates various stores in Slovenia. Merkur´s mission is to provide high quality products and services to ensure customer satisfaction.

The Slovenian chain is already well known for its modern, well-stocked and shopper-friendly sales centers. Due to the wide variety of products, Merkur is able to meet customer demands successfully but for its management it is sometimes difficult to manage such a huge store. Several questions had to be answered to support all products and departments in the right way and to meet all customer needs:

  • Do we have an adequate number of staff in all departments at the right time?
  • Are all products placed in the right way?
  • Which products should be supported through marketing campaigns?
  • How successful was our last promotion?
  • How many check outs should be open at what time?
  • How effective are our shop windows?
  • In which products are our customers most interested in?

And so on. To answer all these questions easily and quickly, the new retail software PriVendo has been installed at Merkur. This software counts customers in different areas at different times and detects how long customers stay in store, in a department or in front of a product. Furthermore, it can differentiate if a customer is interested or even engaged in a product. Results are presented clearly in form of heat maps, hot spots, diagrams or tables. With these information queues can be managed, staff plans can be made, marketing campaigns can be evaluated and planned, products can be (re)placed, shop windows can be designed and a lot more.

After implementing PriVendo with the help of some 360° sensors Merkur could improve customer satisfaction significantly by replacing products and realizing new marketing campaigns adapted to the requirements of their customers. Saša Perčič – head of sales – confirmed that the results are very important for the marketing and human resource department as well as the sales team and management. Furthermore, Perčič underlines the easy handling of PriVendo and the rapidly available results.

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