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Pyronix adds video verification to ProControl+

Pyronix is delighted to provide even more value and capabilities to installers and users alike, with the addition of video verification to ProControl+.

Now, using our Enforcer V10 control panel, Wi-Fi cameras and security and life safety peripherals, the system can be tailored to detect, notify and verify any activity.

Pyronix Marketing Manager, Laurence Kenny, said: “We’re really pleased to add this latest feature to our ProControl+ app.”

He continues: “Video verification delivers fantastic upsell opportunities to video monitoring for our installers, while providing greater functions for the user; showing them exactly what activity has triggered an event or alarm.”

The addition of video verification enables the linkage of Pyronix Full-HD Wi-Fi cameras to inputs on the system via the PyronixCloud.

This simple setup process adds greater scope to security; providing a 25 second video clip directly to the user via ProControl+ when an event or alarm activation occurs.

The clip, which can be downloaded and stored as an MP4 file, shows 15 seconds pre-alarm and 10 seconds post-alarm; allowing the user to truly verify the activation, before taking appropriate action.

For example, should an intruder be detected by an XDL12TT-WE outdoor detector, a push or voice push notification will be received by the user through their ProControl+ app, via the Enforcer V10 and PyronixCloud infrastructure.

If this detector has been linked to an outdoor Mini Dome camera surveying the area, the user will also be provided with the 25 second video from the linked camera to verify the alarm.

“By adding this new feature, we’re giving installers new services to offer their customers; expanding the security offering by providing real tangible benefits across both residential and commercial applications to users,” Laurence commented.

He continued: “So, whether it’s an existing system, a maintenance visit or a brand-new installation, this added-value service can be offered to provide greater selling options for the installer and greater functions for the user.

“Simple to setup and deliver via the PyronixCloud, we want to make sure we continue to proactively provide more features, functions and capabilities via ProControl+.

“Now, the system not only alerts the user via voice push notification, but also shows exactly what activity has taken place on the system, so that appropriate action can be taken.

“Our objective is to continue to extend the potential of every installation and the level of function and value it adds to installers and users alike and we intend to do this as seamlessly and easily as possible.”

Linking cameras with inputs can be set up to deliver video verification for various applications across the entire security system, from setting and unsetting, indoor detection, shock sensors and outdoor detectors, to life safety sensors, door and window contacts and even panic, hold-up and medical alerts; providing additional product upsell opportunities.

With video, voice push notifications and now video verification already added to ProControl+ and many more developments in the pipeline, now’s the time to make the switch.

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