Quadrant and Magnox strengthen partnership to embark on UK-first project

Quadrant2Quadrant Security Group (QSG) is to embark on a UK-first decommissioning scheme as part of a new project with nuclear management and operations contractor Magnox.

QSG ’s existing contract with Magnox Ltd, sees it provide and maintain a wide range of complex security systems across Magnox Ltd sites, one of which is still generating electricity, as well as those currently undergoing decommissioning. This involves the design, supply, installation and maintenance of integrated systems across the Magnox fleet.

As part of new work agreed, QSG has extended this contract from six to eight Magnox sites, and is also working with Magnox to find and test an appropriate security solution for two locations currently on a ‘decommissioning fast track ’ that will see them become the first of their type in the UK to move into a ‘Care and Maintenance ’(C &M) phase.

How the C &M phase is managed at the two Magnox sites, including the security control and management measures employed, is likely to form an industry blueprint for future locations and as such is a high profile project.

Additionally, QSG is also working on a £1.3m ‘site separation’ project for Magnox. Some sites operate on a twin station basis, historically sharing a central security system. As the sites move further towards their end of life, separating such systems becomes essential. The first separation project is due for completion in June 2013.

Magnox, the generic term, is the name of the first generation of commercial nuclear power stations to operate in the in the world, 11 of which are now in various stages of decommissioning under the auspices of the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA). One is still operational. Operating under contract for the NDA, Magnox Ltd is responsible for the operation and decommissioning of the eleven sites.

With over 20 years ’ experience in the nuclear sector and expertise in high-security systems, QSG is uniquely placed to accompany sites through the decommissioning process and ensure fail-safe site security. It is one of only a few security service providers with the relevant experience, capabilities and accreditations (including Nuclear Skills accreditation from the National Skills Academy) to meet the exacting requirements of the nuclear sector.

During the next 10 years, the NDA expects all Magnox-type sites to have been defueled and most of them to have entered the C &M phase, reaching final site clearance between 2080 and 2120.



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