Quanergy Announces Strategic Partnership with Bosch


Quanergy Solutions, provider of 3D LiDAR security solutions, is unveiling a new, joint solution in partnership with Bosch Security and Safety Systems at this year’s ISC East booth #845. This integrated solution is distinctively positioned to address complex security issues in essential infrastructure settings such as utilities, data centers, and airports. It achieves this through the strategic integration of Quanergy’s Q-Track™ 3D LiDAR solution with Bosch Video Systems.

“Customers are increasingly in search of advanced situational awareness and precision in video surveillance, regardless of its specific application,” said Gerald Becker, Vice President, Market Development and Alliances, Quanergy. “The integration of Quanergy and Bosch technologies provides an exceptional solution for detecting, tracking, and classifying moving individuals and objects within sensitive or secure environments with remarkable accuracy.”

Q-Track™ redefines physical security, combining Quanergy’s long-range 3D LiDAR sensors with advanced perception software to provide users with hyper-accurate 3D intelligent proactive awareness to reduce false alarms and save lives. With Q-Track™, Quanergy raises the bar by setting new benchmarks for event detection, object classification, and tracking.

Quanergy’s new partnership with Bosch effectively allows Q-Track™ to send object location, both relative and absolute, to Bosch video cameras such as the MIC Inteox 7100i. This integration triggers a ‘Slew to Cue’ event-to-action workflow where the camera, powered by the actionable intelligence from the LiDAR system can continuously track a bad actor throughout the entire perimeter of a site, regardless of harsh weather conditions or suboptimal lighting.

This makes the Quanergy, Bosch integrated solution ideal for applications within critical infrastructure sites where uneven terrain, numerous obstacles, and inadequate lighting conditions are common. Now customers are afforded a highly secure, automated security solution that can consistently and reliably protect a site from intrusions. More importantly, the solution can significantly reduce the number of false alerts and save customers hundreds of thousands of dollars in costly guard services.

The Bosch MIC Inteox 7100i camera has UHD “4K” resolution and a 12x zoom with Optical Image Stabilisation (OIS). It has flexible streaming capabilities powering three independent streams. It offers exceptional strength and ruggedness for any outdoor application including traffic monitoring (bridges, tunnels, or highways), perimeter protection, city surveillance, and mining. And lastly, its optional illuminator with multispectral LEDs distributes IR light uniformly in the field to avoid dark spots or an over-illuminated scene.

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