Redvision launches X-SERIES dome camera with window wipers

Redvision's PTZ dome cameras
Redvision's PTZ dome cameras

The window wiper design of Redvision’s X-SERIES™ dome is unaffected by rain.

Redvision, the expert, UK-based, dome manufacturer has designed its X-SERIES™ cameras with a simple and highly effective window wiper.

“Rain can seriously affect dome visibility,” explains Paul Hucker, Managing Director of Redvision. “A wiper is only possible because the X-SERIES™ has a flat glass window in front of the camera module. The more common “bubble”, or hemispherical plastic cover, used in most dome designs, is almost impossible to keep droplet free, so image quality can be compromised. Redvision also makes the flat window from scratch-resistant, optically-correct glass, not plastic. This reduces the risk of surface damage from the wiper blade, a problem plastic bubbles can suffer from.”

Removing droplets and surface water from a dome is vitally important. Larger zoom modules, such as the 28x optical zoom used in the X-SERIES™, are prone to focus in on the water droplets, not the scene. At the very least, a camera’s view is obscured by surface water, when it rains.

Redvision has included wiper activation on a defined preset. This is to make the functionality available to CCTV systems that do not have a wiper on/off command. The wiper will also time out, so does not continue running without an operator realizing.

Paul again, “It is safe to assume that any external dome, in the UK, is going to get rained on at some point, so we are seeing huge demand for this feature.”


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