Schneider Electric appoints Herve Fages as MD for MultiSight Company

Schneider Electric announced today the appointment of Herve Fages as Managing Director for MultiSight – an innovative VSaaS offering designed for companies with mulitiple facilities (eg. Retail, Banking, etc.).

“The opportunity to launch video surveillance as a service is a unique and exciting challenge,” explains Fages. “MultiSight has the look and agility of a highly innovative start-up, with the incredible backing of Schneider Electric – a multi-billion-Euro company.”

The MultiSight offer is designed for retailers, convenience stores, restaurants and other businesses with many locations, allowing managers to stay abreast of their stores’ operations — no matter where they may physically be. Since everything’s included, businesses save with a low monthly fee, which covers hardware, installation, apps (Apple and Android), cloud services and storage, support, maintenance, updates, and system health monitoring.

 About MultiSight Video Service:

 • Provides mobile HD video access that’s as easy as playing a YouTube video

• Fits companies of all sizes, anywhere in the US or Canada

• Easy central administration via the web at

• Provides store operation analysis with built-in tools such as Heat Maps and Customer Counting

• Easily accessible to functions outside of traditional Security and Loss Prevention teams

• Operational data supports Marketing, HR, Sales and Operations

With nearly 20 years experience in the security industry, having led the Pelco Video Line of Business in addition to his leadership roles in Sales, Marketing and Product Management, Fages is uniquely positioned to bring his sales and marketing expertise to focus on a unique offer that is well positioned to change how businesses deploy and use video in their day-to-day operations.

As Greg Millar, CTO, SVP Solutions and Technology Office, notes, “MultiSight was introduced to the security industry earlier this year.  We’ve built a strong foundation which we know Herve will grow exponentially. Having him as a full-time resource to drive our offer in North America and beyond will undoubtedly take MultiSight to the next level.”

Fages currently serves on the Security Industry Association’s (SIA) Board of Directors as well as the Board for Mission 500, the Security Industry’s flag ship charity benefitting children in need globally.

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