Security Technologies Group announces the availability of a range of specialist PSU’s

Security Technologies Group - PSU
Security Technologies Group - PSU

Power Supply Units developed specifically for the Access Control industry ensure ease of installation and extended reliability.

Security Technologies Group (STG) announce today the availability of a range of Power Supply Units designed and developed with Access Control Installations in mind.

Top of the range is the PSUSTG4MB that has been designed to mount and supply power to up to 4 “Mercury Field Panels” of 3 different sizes in any combination.  These panels include single door units, dual door units, 16 input modules and 16 output modules.  OEM’s using these panels include:

  • Lenel
  • Honeywell
  • RS2 Technologies
  • Open Options
  • Keri Systems
  • Identicard
  • DVTel
  • MDI Systems
  • Synergistics
  • Maxxess
  • ID Group

Additionally, the PSU can be supplied with a blank mounting plate on which panels from other manufacturers, such as Paxton, can be mounted.  This 12volt DC 8 Amp PSU provides two separate outputs, one maintained and the other switched, typically via a Fire Alarm Panel.  The maintained output typically supplies the access control panel, whilst the switched output will power the locks, so that if the fire alarm is activated, all the power to the locks is dropped, thus allowing free egress, however the maintained supply permanently powers the panels, irrespective of the fire alarm condition.  Both outputs have a fuse board with 8 individually fused outputs therefore ensuring that should a fault occur at any load, only that circuit will be disabled, ensuring that all other outputs will remain active.

This unit is equipped with Low Voltage monitoring clean contacts, Mains Failure clean contacts and Battery Low Voltage Disconnect (deep discharge protection). If the unit output voltage falls below approximately 9.5VDC, for example, after an extended mains failure when standby battery has been depleted, the battery terminals will disconnect. When unit voltage recovers (when mains is resumed) the battery terminals will reconnect, allowing battery recharge. This feature allows batteries to provide unit standby without being damaged by deep discharge during extended mains failures.

Also available is the same PSU module in a smaller enclosure designed to house 1 x PCB of three different sizes, the PSU and a battery up to 17 Ah. This smaller enclosure with PSU can be ordered as PSUSTG1MB and the small enclosure only as PSUSTG1MB/C.  Both enclosures will house 1 x VRLA Battery, up to 17Ah (Yuasa ‘NPC17-12, or equivalent).

Said Denis Kane, Director of STG, “Projects with high controller counts can now be neatly organised, utilising minimal wall space which is exactly what our channel partners have been requesting.”

“Distressingly we have seen some installers trying to supply access control panels and locks using the same output on a low specification PSU.  Understandably, having to install only 1 PSU has its advantages, in term of installation times, but is fraught with problems when mixing the electrical surges a lock causes when energising with the supply of data equipment, such as access control panels.  Our units have been designed to address and overcome this issue”. noted Kane.

Also in the range is the same power supply unit in a smaller enclosure without any panel mounting facilities (PSU12V8A8OC), but including all of the features detailed above.

Completing the range are a 12Volt DC @ 5Amp or 24Volt @ 2.5Amp (PSU12V5A8OC) and a 12Volt DC @ 3Amp or 24Volt @ 1.5Amp (PSU12V3A8OC) units.  Each of the units has 1 maintained and 8 switched outputs, therefore allowing us to cater for all possible situations.

About Security Technologies Group
Security Technologies Group, headquartered in Hargrave, Northamptonshire, is a supplier of access control peripherals such as readers, credentials, locks, power supplies, etc and is an innovator in the development of advanced Card Management software, which allows the identification of previously ordered credentials, therefore ensuring continuity of supply.

Their extensive knowledge of the marketplace and superior technical support capabilities have earned them the reputation as being the experts in the Access Control field, and so the supplier of choice to those looking for these characteristics within their vendors.

+44 (0) 1234 865004

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