Sicurezza 2012 to be held in November at Fiera Milano

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Italy’s key international event in the security sector, Sicurezza 2012 will be held 7-9 November at Fiera Milano. It covers all areas of interest to professionals in anti-intrusion, fire prevention, passive defence systems, home & building automation, ICT security, intelligence and anti-terrorism, local police force and private security.

Today the market is already displaying significant signs of confidence, ten months before the next edition starts. Not only have a large number of exhibitors already confirmed their attendance, but the network of partners supporting the event is gaining force as proof of its value for the entire sector.

“Although influenced by a complex economic scenario that inevitably impacted the size of the exhibition, the 2010 edition was a big success in terms of visitors and satisfaction of the attendees. This result is our starting point for this edition. Our goal is to make Sicurezza grow and turn it into an industrial policy tool serving the market that it represents,” stated Giuseppe Garri, Technology Business Unit Manager of Fiera Milano. “The key words of the event will be innovation, technological convergence, professional training and awareness. The many partners that have accepted our proposal to work as a system by sharing professional expertise, knowledge and experiences, all to the benefit of the sector’s growth, are supporting us in our pursuit of this goal. I am convinced that this precious contribution, together with what the companies attending have to offer, will help us build an event with broad appeal for visiting professionals, offering taylor-made solutions for each and every one.”


Sicurezza has proven to be sector’s key event in Italy not only because it keeps professionals up to date on a variety of products and services, but also because it is a place where public and private sectors meet and “security awareness” is promoted. This has been made possible by many partnerships with the leading players in the industry: associations, the media and institutions.

The major industry associations – ANIE Sicurezza (Italian Association for Security, Fire Safety and Building Automation), Assosicurezza (Italian Association of Security Systems Manufacturers and Distributors), ANVU (Professional Association of Italy Local Police Officers) and Assiv (Italian Security Association), to mention just a few – will seize the opportunity this event offers to take stock of the topics of greatest interest regarding manufacturers, installers, law enforcement agencies and security services.

The strategic partnership with the United Nations Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute (UNICRI), involved in strengthening security at high-risk sites, is also being renewed. This cooperation will bring Fiera Milano an international event that will create a forum for institution representatives (international and domestic), security managers at high-risk sites and suppliers of products and solutions.

Some of the leading Italian trade media have also selected Sicurezza as a partner and ideal location for gaining in-depth knowledge and exchanging information.

In collaboration with the association Federprivacy, the magazine Antifurto&Security (EPC Periodici) will organise the conference “Security e Privacy: come bilanciare esigenze, progetti e installazioni con normativa e regolamenti vigenti” (“Security and Privacy: how to balance needs, projects and installations with current standards and regulations”). The event is devoted to all security professionals who tackle privacy problems and assurance on a daily basis. A special Q&A session during which experts will answer the participants’ questions and queries is scheduled during the conference.

“IP Security Forum”, an event organised by Ethos Media Group, the publisher of A&S Italy, will focus attention on IP and on the enormous benefit of integration. The forum centres on IP Security solutions, technologies and applications, and for the first time is part of Sicurezza. After being held at three local venues in Bologna, Bari and Turin, the “IP Security Forum” will be held on 8 November at Fiera Milano. It will offer installers and engineers interested in the potentials and advantages of an innovative technological approach – today a reality in Europe – a training and professional update opportunity.

Securindex will be on hand with its set for online TV streaming and will present a new conference/exhibition format focused on the topic “Money Security”. With the contribution of OSSIF, -the ABI (Italian Banking Association) Anticrime Research Centre-, F.A.B.I. (Independent Federation of Italian Bank Workers), ASSOVALORI (Value Transport Companies Professional Association and specialized manufacturers’ associations), the effects of limiting use of cash, the evolution of the cash treatment and security systems for mass distribution and retail and how the bank branch is changing will be discussed.

The magazine SICUREZZA-Gruppo Il Sole 24 Ore will organise the conference “Sicurezza urbana: il modello di Milano” (“City safety: the Milan model”) during the exhibition. By focusing on the specific local situation of Milan, the purpose of this conference is to offer a cross-section of the fight against petty crime and serious crime in Italy. It is an opportunity to involve local Milan authorities, the local police force, the public prosecutor’s office and some of the leading manufacturers of video devices.


In 2012 Sicurezza once again takes place at the same time as Lift – Biennial International Exhibition of elevators, components, accessories, technical press and services – thereby increasing the attendance of specific targets (condominium managers, architects, designers) interested in both types of solutions on display.


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