IDIS to showcase latest cybersecurity, deep learning and camera innovations at ISC West 2019

IDIS will celebrate five years at ISC West International Security Exhibition in Las Vegas, April 10-12th, with a comprehensive showcase of the South Korean manufacturer’s IDIS Total Surveillance Solution in booth #18059. Highlights of the company’s fifth anniversary with ISC West include areas of special emphasis on cybersecurity, deep learning analytics and facial recognition, and solutions for the retail and banking sectors; and a review of IDIS’s latest technology releases.

Hikvision launches AcuSense network cameras

Hikvision, supplier of innovative security products and solutions, has introduced new AcuSense network camera series to its EasyIP 4.0 security solutions. Featuring a strobe light and an audio alarm, the new cameras can immediately deter intruders from entering a prohibited site, further enhancing the safety of premises and property. At the core: faster, more accurate intrusion detection Importantly, Hikvision AcuSense network cameras build on the same cutting-edge intrusion detection functionality

Spectral Edge Fusion set to deliver higher resolution, more colour accurate images in low light than competitors

Spectral Edge RGB+IR Fusion technology (or Spectral Edge Fusion), which will be formally launched into the professional security market at ISC West next month, enables surveillance cameras to capture high resolution, colour accurate images, even in very low or mixed lighting conditions. Spectral Edge Fusion (Fusion) even delivers detailed images in foggy, misty or hazy conditions which traditional cameras would be unable to pick out. Spectral Edge Fusion achieves this

Hikvision launches Security Radar for ultra-accurate intrusion detection in all weathers

Hikvision, provider of innovative video surveillance products and solutions, announced the launch of its Security Radar intrusion detection solution. The solution uses cutting-edge Hikvision technology to accurately pinpoint the location and motion trail of up to 32 potential intruders per radar, even in the harshest weather conditions. Hikvision Security Radar is ideal for monitoring large, exposed spaces with harsh weather, and where the perimeter environment is too complex for deployment

Nedap launches next generation of ANPR platform

Nedap, a specialist in long-range identification solutions, launched the next generation of its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) platform. With the introduction of two brand-new cameras, Nedap answers to the rapid growing demand for effective license plate reading in vehicle access control applications. In a relatively short period, license plate recognition technology for vehicle access control has become very popular. Nedap’s ANPR cameras identify vehicles by capturing their license plates,

Four ways Hikvision can offer false alarm filter to SMB customers

Hikvision allows businesses to enjoy the benefits of technology, while protecting their existing investment. False alarm filter is one of the most intelligent features of modern surveillance systems, filtering out movements from non-threatening events like rain, leaves and animals and instead focussing on relevant objects like people or vehicles. Eliminating time and cost wastage, this technology can be very important for small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), where cost-efficiency is key

VIVOTEK to expand its portfolio with five new H.265/HEVC security solutions

VIVOTEK, a global IP surveillance provider, has announced that it will add five new H.265/HEVC surveillance products to its current portfolio. These include one zoom bullet network camera, IZ9361-EH, two full-HD speed dome network cameras SD9161-H and SD9363-EHL, and two 5-megapixel fisheye network cameras FE9182-H and FE9382-EHV. These new products will allow VIVOTEK to complete its line of H.265/HEVC solutions with 24 diversified types of network cameras, 4 network video recorders,

VIVOTEK launches new SC8131 stereo camera to optimise retail operations

VIVOTEK, a global leading IP surveillance provider, today announced a new stereo network camera for retail solutions, the SC8131. Featuring dual-lens design with VIVOTEK’s self-developed 3D Depth Technology, the SC8131 provides precise tracking and a high counting accuracy of up to 98%. To further optimise retail efficiencies, the camera integrates seamlessly with VIVOTEK’s central management software, VAST, enabling real-time data transfer and comprehensive analysis reports. Furthermore, the SC8131 now is

LTV releases two new Full HD Analog dome cameras for indoor and outdoor monitoring

  The camera models LTV CTE-920 42 and LTV CTE-921 48 provide latency-free Full HD video image data over coaxial cable (up to 300 metres). Both models offer 1080p (1920×1080) resolution at 25 frames/second and use existing RG59 cabling or two-wire lines. The range of functions also includes motion detection, day/night switching and a weatherproof IP66 certified outdoor housing. The IR functionality ensures excellent image quality even in dark environments.

Luxury Hospitality Group Selects March Networks’ Proven Video Solution for Opulent Milan Hotel

One of Italy’s grandest hotels has upgraded to a state-of-the-art March Networks® video surveillance system. Château Monfort, a five-star hotel located in the center of Milan, is part of Italy’s luxury Planetaria Hotels chain. Planetaria Group operates four and five-star hotels in some of the country’s most popular destinations. Improving the performance and efficiency of video surveillance at Château Monfort was the primary reason the Planetaria Group turned to March

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