CAA focuses

CAA focuses on cybersecurity with introduction of ASSURE

Nettitude have recently announced a new accreditation with the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and Crest called ASSURE, the introduction of which provides a new cybersecurity audit model for third parties providing services to the aerospace industry. Within this, there are a new set of requirements that ensure cybersecurity providers are subject to a rigorous and continuous accreditation process under the ASSURE Scheme. This scheme is part of the wider UK

UK drone delivery group

UK drone delivery group makes urgent ‘call to action’

One of the UK’s leading drone experts have urged British property owners and business leaders to leverage the opportunity of their under-used land for drone testing, to help accelerate the rate of growth of the UK drone industry, in the face of what he described as an emerging ‘bottleneck’ to growth. Robert Garbett founder of the UK Drone Delivery Group, which is the first industry initiative to provide guidance on the steps

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