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Assessing the insider threat in securing organisations

Child Sexual Abuse Crime – the real insider threat

Often ‘insider threats’ are thought of as the typically unwitting evasion of security protocols by employees taking steps to improve productivity. This can be anything from storing private data using Dropbox or forwarding confidential details to a personal email account, without any thought for data security.

Visibility is key to tackling insider threat and data breaches

There’s a lot of weight given to external threats that cause data breaches and not enough to the insider threats which is a very real issue. Whether it’s a disgruntled employee, a malicious employee, an opportunistic employee, or even an employee under pressure from a criminal organisation, the data breach will have the same consequences for the organisation – fines to pay and a bad reputation to overcome.

Insider Threat – Critical Learning at ASIS Europe 2016

Dealing with Insider Threat from Radicalisation: “Employees Gone Rogue”. Given the impact of ISIL and their ideology, it is clear there is an increasing risk that organizations face when employees radicalise and become a potential terrorist threat.

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