Five tips for pentesters in iOS, from Denise Giusto Bilić at ESET

Denise Giusto Bilić, Security Researcher at ESET , looks at recommendations for pentesters looking for security flaws in iOS applications made by developers.  As our phones play an increasingly essential role in our lives, releasing secure applications has become a necessity for protecting end users. As a result, the role of pentesters has gained importance in identifying unwanted behaviors, such as allowing data leaks, producing errors in other apps installed

Signalling intelligence layer to predict and protect against mobile network attacks announced

AdaptiveMobile Security has confirmed multiple customers for its SIGIL beta-programme. SIGIL is the world’s first global signalling intelligence and analytics cloud service, enabling mobile operators to maximise the effectiveness of existing defences against signalling attacks from malicious actors. The Company’s proprietary AI cloud offering was launched in late 2017 and has secured three customers since launching. SIGIL is a security service that can be layered on top of any SS7

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