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Tell us your thoughts on Security News Desk Issue 21

We have recently upgraded our publication by moving to a more environmentally friendly print newspaper using recycled materials. As readers of the newspaper it is your opinion that counts, and we would be very interested in your thoughts on this move and the Security News Desk Newspaper as a whole!

Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics security in SecurityNewsDesk #19

Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics Security in SecurityNewsDesk #19

Our newspaper aims to challenge the reader and the security industry, to provoke a conversation about the nature and future of security around the world. In this issue, we look at the latest in Surveillance, Biometrics, Euro 2016 and Rio Olympics security in SecurityNewsDesk #19.

All top security stories in SecurityNewsDesk newspaper new edition

Top stories include a full review and recap of Intersec 2014, Messe Frankfurt’s leading security exhibition; an outlook for 2014 for the PSIM market, with expert views from IHS, CNL, Genetec and PRYSM SOFTWARE; a look at the opportunities and challenges for foreign investment in Iran, supported by a ground-level report by Five Dimensions; and so much more.