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The rise of Pokémon Go: what about the business risks?

The rise of Pokémon Go: what about the business risks?

Pokémon GO is this summer’s craze, with the latest figures showing that 7.5 million people have downloaded it. But what about business risks? If an employee uses their personal phone (even if they don’t play Pokémon GO) for work e-mail (e.g. BYOD) are they unknowingly introducing risk to their employer? Even worse, are they risks that the business isn’t aware of or prepared to handle?

Can boardrooms afford to ignore security risks?

Cybersecurity remains a key concern and a real threat to many businesses. As a recent study of 150 board members in the UK shows*, the estimated average cost of lost data over one year could amount to as much as £1.2 million. Yet there still remains a lack of boardroom governance across the UK’s major industries.

North East security expert in warning to business owners

A highly experienced international security and risk management specialist, based in the North East, has issued a warning to business owners, after a recent survey demonstrated that the vast majority of corporate risk managers failed to recognise the importance of addressing security risks.

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