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Gareth Ellams, General Manager for UKI and Europe, Honeywell, speaks to Security Buyer’s Managing Editor Rebecca Spayne about the future of integrated systems  

Could you provide some insight into your role and what Honeywell does?

I’m Gareth Ellams, responsible for heading up the European business for security, or GBE as we term it, spanning Europe, the UK, and Ireland. Essentially, our portfolio encompasses various solutions ranging from intrusion to video access control, all hosted in the cloud. We cater to a vast market, and have a prominent presence in the enterprise domain, collaborating with system integrators throughout Europe.

You mentioned your integrated approach to security systems. Could you elaborate on how this approach tackles more than just traditional security issues? 

We’re a segment of Honeywell Building Technologies, or HBT. This division comprises our fire department and VMS operations. Our focus revolves around developing ‘healthy buildings’, meaning we aim to incorporate security, fire, VMS, and HVAC systems. From a sustainability standpoint, we’re committed to minimising power consumption among other initiatives. Within the security market, this holistic approach is something we prioritise and extend across all our platforms. 

How do these integrated security systems fare in terms of cost efficiency when juxtaposed against conventional standalone security systems? 

There are multiple factors to consider. By leveraging cloud capabilities and promoting interoperability among access control, intrusion, and video components, we empower system integrators to deploy a singular platform rather than several discrete ones. This avoids the pitfalls of managing distinct platforms or grappling with the complexities of inter-system interactions. Centralising onto one platform invariably results in cost savings from a product, energy, and manpower perspective. 

Interoperability has been a significant talking point in the industry, especially with the emergence of PKOC credentials and related developments. It’s commendable to observe platforms like Honeywell’s, which champion sustainability and cost-effectiveness. 

Absolutely. Furthermore, we collaborate with numerous partners. Our offerings aren’t limited to Honeywell’s proprietary solutions. We team up with third-party partners like ASSA ABLOY and Suprema, which allows our installer partners to tailor solutions for their end-users. 

So, these partnerships and the emphasis on interoperability likely enable the dissemination of knowledge to installers and integrators. Given that building managers and security personnel are becoming increasingly tech-savvy, this must be invaluable? 

Precisely. We make concerted efforts across all domains – be it access control, video, or intrusion. We collaborate with numerous partners. Customers seek choices, desiring specific products and solutions. For instance, from a video standpoint, they might prefer a particular type of VMS. Our cameras, however, are compatible with various VMSs, and our access control systems align with those solutions too. This flexibility offers them the option to mix and match while also benefiting from a unified platform. 

Post-pandemic, there’s been a significant move towards remote work and decentralised teams. What challenges do building owners and facility managers face in adapting security solutions for monitoring these spaces remotely? 

As cloud services develop, Honeywell is positioned to be an innovative provider of remote solutions. The growth of mobile apps and similar solutions is both crucial and challenging. However, our robust organisation understands these demands. We excel not just in deploying these systems but also in prioritising cybersecurity. With the shift to remote working, integrating our technology into cloud infrastructure presents risks, especially with threats of hacking. It’s essential to be compliant with standards like GDPR to ensure that our solutions are secure and trustworthy.

Read more the full interview see our October issue here.

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