The value of 360-degree cameras

In this age of digital transformation, individuals and organisations are searching for robust, cost-effective solutions capable of streamlining their entire security operations. This impact has been felt heavily in the surveillance market.
Traditional surveillance solutions like pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) cameras are becoming a thing of the past. They only capture a narrow field of view and require moving parts and numerous installations to survey an entire area thoroughly.
So what makes 360-degree surveillance that much better? 
  • The technology: 360-degree cameras use fisheye lenses to record an entire event, allowing organisations to have total situational awareness with zero blind spots. The footage captured is de-warped in real-time and enables security officials to work through the entirety of the footage quickly. Additionally, powerful video analytics assist in analysing the scene and provide valuable data such as heat maps, dwell time, occupancy tracking, and more.
  • The cost: Since one camera covers such a large surface area, 360-degree surveillance reduces the number of camera installations necessary to secure locations, including large-scale or rugged areas. As a result, end-users see significant upfront installation and camera cost reductions.
  • Increased security: 360-degree cameras can operate under extreme low-light conditions, allowing for improved safety in areas like college dormitories, parking garages, and other challenging locations.
“Oncam recognises that there are several industries that can greatly benefit from the adoption of 360-degree camera technology. Our 360-degree solutions ultimately cover more ground and can also be accessed from any mobile device with the Oncam app. Regardless of the size of the location, 360-degree cameras are successful in monitoring the flow of traffic, managing occupancy, and proactively working to stop any theft or crime. With these cameras, businesses can gain better situational awareness while experiencing significant savings in camera installation,” said Scott Brothers, Chief Operating Officer, Oncam.


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