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AxxonSoft is a software development company that offers VMS, PSIM, VSaaS and customisable AI video analytics 

AxxonSoft software provides best-in class integration and customisation capacity for building intelligent video surveillance and integrated security systems of any scale and for diverse industries. Based in Cork, Ireland, AxxonSoft has 32 offices worldwide, which helps ensure the company’s visibility, 24/7 support, and quick response times for its partners and clients in every corner of the globe. 

Innovative Solutions 

Axxon One: Axxon One is a limitlessly scalable video management software that combines comprehensive support for 10,000+ IP devices and a streamlined user interface. Axxon One supports the latest ONVIF standards, such as Profile M, and delivers unique value through integrated solutions, customisable AI video analytics, and fast, intelligent search in video footage from multiple cameras. 

Axxon One integrates access control, fire/security alarm, and perimeter protection systems. It links camera videos to events occurring in the connected systems and allows for monitoring and controlling security devices using the interactive map and dedicated boards. An operator can quickly locate an alarm or access event and get the corresponding footage to assess the situation. 

Axxon PSIM: Axxon PSIM is a remarkably advanced distributed physical security information management (PSIM) software platform that combines intelligent video analytics, universal IP connectivity and event-driven automation capabilities in a single environment. 

Axxon VSaaS Datacenter: Axxon VSaaS Datacenter is video management software that enables communications service providers and system integrators to build cloud-based video surveillance solutions (VSaaS) that harness the power of AxxonSoft’s neural network analytics and intelligent search for recorded video. 

Key Innovations 

Starting with the invention of a revolutionary video codec, proceeding with a pioneering smart search for recorded video, and then focusing on AI, comprehensive integration, and cloud — AxxonSoft has always considered innovation to be company‘s main driver. 

AxxonSoft has at its command a full cycle for Artificial Intelligence video analytics development. This enables AxxonSoft to implement a turnkey AI training program to meet clients specific security and business needs. AxxonSoft trains neural networks to tackle outof-the-ordinary projects or to work in tricky surveillance conditions, which include unusual viewing angles, difficult lighting, particular object types, thermal camera use, etc. 

Video surveillance systems are constantly expanding to include more cameras. Tracking down valuable information in this abundance of video data can be a daunting task. To get the most out of modern HD video capabilities, you need help managing the huge volume of  recorded video. 

A Data-Driven, Integrated Approach 

Video can deliver much more value for business and society through extracting actionable data and making decisions based on that data, combined with information from other sources. This is why AxxonSoft sees the unification of standalone systems and seamlessly integrated AI video analytics as Company core competitive advantages. And it is why  

AxxonSoft has always adhered to an integrated approach, establishing strong partnerships with IT market leaders and being among the first VMS vendors to support advanced video camera capabilities and interoperation standards, such as ONVIF Profile G, T, and M. 


AxxonSoft HQ
Suite 109, NSQ2, Navigation Square, Albert Quay, Cork, Ireland, T12W351 

Phone number:  +353818882186 
Email: info@axxonsoft.com
Web: Axxonsoft.com
LinkedIn: Axxonsoft


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