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As businesses continue to recover from the pandemic, it is projected that SME’s will have lost an estimated £126.6 billion. Digital print security firm, Zunoma, is encouraging businesses to outsource mail solutions, to help save money and to focus on increasing productivity.

In the UK, 70% of companies outsource services to third parties, and as companies continue to adapt to new ways of working, 30% of businesses say they plan to outsource more in the future.

There are multiple benefits of outsourcing mail solutions, with cost savings being the biggest motivator for many companies. Not only can businesses save on paper fees, postal costs and storage costs, but it can also reduce a business’s admin overheads. Zunoma state that outsourcing can save a business up to 50% compared to traditional mailing methods, inclusive of all print, consumables and postage.

Another benefit of outsourcing mail solutions is an increase in efficiency and productivity internally. The process can be very manual for businesses and place pressure on internal teams, resulting in potential errors and late delivery. Zunoma will cross reference all addresses against current databases, not only saving businesses a significant amount of time but also ensuring that mail is not sent out unnecessarily to those who no longer wish to receive it.

In addition, outsourcing reduces storage space. With one in four businesses allowing staff to continue working from home or work a hybrid approach following the pandemic, many employees have less access to an office. Outsourcing mail solutions not only allows a business to become paperless and help reach sustainability goals, but also will lower physical storage requirements, a more beneficial approach with many now working from a home office.

Phil Ouzman, Managing Director at Zunoma, said, “Outsourcing mail solutions is a secure, cost-effective choice for businesses, with many companies noting that outsourcing has delivered more efficient results.

“As experts in print and distribution, we have a reputation for accuracy, reliability, and delivering a personal service. Our aim is to improve your mail delivery cycle and eradicate lengthy manual mail handling. Our team will provide your business with a bespoke and thorough approval service and ensure accurate, high-quality results, with no unexpected costs.”

As a registered Royal Mail Mailing House, Zunoma is at the forefront of new products in this market. This position enables Zunoma to constantly review the best possible savings available to customers, to ensure maximum postal savings.

In 2009, a global consulting firm with 45,000 employees operating in over 140 countries and markets, outsourced its payroll duties to Zunoma and has continued to use the secure online portal-based ordering system to manage the firm’s HR and finance administration to this day. This outsourcing mail solution resulted in a saving of £55,000 in reduction on resource costs for the firm and created lead times for approximately 60,000 payslips from 1 week to 1.2 days work.

Zunoma is flexible to accommodate the changing needs of a business and offer a bespoke print and personalisation of mailing services. Zunoma work with several FTSE 100 companies and worldwide organisations to provide a complete distribution service, giving confidence that documents will be sent securely and on time.


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