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Security Center 5.10.3 is now available! The minor release of our unified security platform includes features to optimise operators’ situational awareness and enhance cybersecurity across your systems 

Keep yourself situated with the new mini-map 

Having a bird’s eye view of your facility improves coordination and situational awareness, but large-scale site maps quickly become unwieldy. Scanning across large campuses or entire cities makes it difficult for operators to see what’s going on locally without losing sight of the entire facility. 

The new mini-map gives operators a quick way to navigate image-based maps and center themselves on areas of interest without lengthy scrolling. Image maps now show a mini-map in overlay with a highlighted section to indicate where the user is currently zoomed in. 

Work seamlessly across time zones 

Using a single system for sites located across the globe can be a headache to configure when trying to account for devices in different time zones. With Security Center 5.10.3, you can configure global schedules that take into consideration the local time of source entities for event-to-actions. 

For example, a single workweek schedule – Monday to Friday, 9 am-5 pm – will be used on an event-to-action setup and will appropriately react for entities, such as doors, within their local time zones 

This added option helps avoid human error and lets you easily configure rules across sites more intuitively, without having to consider time differences between each location. 

Get the latest cybersecurity enhancements 

Continuing with the improvements brought in with Security Center 5.10.2, we extend cybersecurity within your systems by encrypting custom fields at rest in the database to comply with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requirements. As custom fields often include personally identifiable information, it is essential that unauthorized users, for example, database administrators, don’t get visibility and can’t access these details. 

This new feature allows you to include mission-critical information without compromising your employees’ privacy by only retrieving the custom fields data in front of approved users, when necessary. 

Integrate your BEST Wi-Q locks 

This new release supports the widely deployed BEST Wi-Q Gateways and wireless locks through the Mercury LP4502 controllers. They will be available with the Softwire 11.3 release coming soon. You can keep your system unified by receiving “access granted” and “denied” events to one single user interface. 

How to upgrade to Security Center 5.10.3 

Security Center minor releases are frequent updates available to all users of a major version. If your system is already using version 5.10, you can upgrade to 5.10.3 and gain access to the new capabilities today! If your system is on a previous major version, like Security Center 5.9, you can upgrade to Security Center 5.10.3 with an active Genetec Advantage Plan. 


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