Live Barriers' Stormfence protects would leaders

Live Barriers, one of Europe’s pioneering experts in temporary access solutions, helped to protect 53 World Leaders at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting in London this April.
Working in partnership with CLD Fencing Systems, Live Barriers deployed its StormFence Temporary System ahead of the high-security meeting, which welcomed over 2000 delegates, from 6 continents around the world.
Almost 1000m of StormFence was installed around The Green Park and The Mall, to protect members of the public, residents and those attending or working at the events held in the Commonwealth Village.
Temporary Vehicle and Pedestrian Gates, including turnstiles, were also supplied and semi-permeable screens were attached to the system to offer privacy inside both the Commonwealth Village and key security points.
As an exclusive barrier and fencing supplier to the London Metropolitan Police, Live Barriers were tasked with supplying a system that offers all of the safety and security of a permanent fencing system, but with zero ground strike.

Mark Fisher, General Manager at Live Barriers explained: “StormFence is a revolution in event temporary fencing, offering increased safety, security and sustainability. Using a rigid steel mesh system, StormFence is self-supporting, prevents penetrative vandalism and withstands wind speeds of over 100mph.
“It was an honour to be asked to provide a solution for such a high profile event and also a reflection of the company’s continuing commitment to excellence and innovation for counteracting the increasing global security threats.”

As one of the leading suppliers to Europe’s events industry, Live offer an extensive range of fencing and crowd barriers, ranging from their Super-Fortress fence that is famed for its use at Glastonbury Festival, to a range of crowd control barriers installed in their thousands at events across the UK.
The company’s StormFence system has previously been deployed on a number of projects; including Glastonbury Festival and Connect for HS2, where the temporary fencing has been used to great success.

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