The International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO)

Operating globally, IFPO has members in 68 countries. Over 14,000 people have achieved IFPO certificates and over 92,500 have achieved IFPO certification (CPO, CPOI and CSSM). Currently there are individuals in 56 countries studying for IFPO qualifications. To further develop its commitment to the UK market IFPO has appointed an Advisory Board to serve its existing UK members, promote Individual and Corporate Membership and, most importantly, promote its range of

Xi'an intelligent traffic management solution01

Xi’an Intelligent Traffic Management case study

Traffic continues to grow in every major city. But how do you beat congestion in these restricted urban spaces? In China’s ancient-walled city of Xi’an, they’re adopting an intelligent traffic management system based on Hikvision technology – and boosting traffic flow while reducing journey time. The Chinese city of Xi’an, known as Chang’an in ancient times, was the center of ancient oriental civilization. Thirteen dynasties spanning Chinese history have chosen

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