72% favour security cameras in schools, up from 65% in 2015

Eagle Eye Networks™, Inc. the leader in cloud-based security camera systems, today announced that an independent 1500 respondent survey on School Security Camera Systems found that 72 percent of US adults favour using security cameras in schools. The detailed survey findings cover grade levels from preschool/daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school, through college.

School Security Camera System Favorability

The 2016 survey found that overall, 72 percent of US adults favor security cameras in schools – from preschool/daycare through high school and college – while 28 percent are against having them. The 72 percent result was a 7 percentage point increase in from the 65 percent who favored surveillance systems in schools in early 2015, indicating that community attitudes were even more positive in 2016. 

Nearly 8 in 10 respondents say it is important that first responders get real-time video access to school surveillance cameras. The community places a high value on immediate situational awareness during events on school grounds or campus.

Should Parents View Video of their Children?

77 percent of the respondents felt parents should be able to view video of their children at preschool and daycare, while 72 percent indicate that parents should be able to view video of their children in grades K-12.

The majority of adults (53 percent) say parents should be able to freely view video of their preschool/daycare children at any time. This is a full 20 percentage points higher than the 33 percent who feel parents of children in grades K-12 should be able to view the video at any time. The remainder who favor parental viewing of their children’s video say it is appropriate only following an incident.

Detailed Survey Findings

The detailed findings from the industry-wide 2016 independent, anonymous survey include:

  • Community favorability
  • School video surveillance perceived merits
  • School video surveillance concerns
  • Who should be able to view the video
  • Security camera location priorities
  • Desired length of video storage
  • Video storage location (on-site vs cloud)

Read the full report here.

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