At one residential school, a simple upgrade swaps manual keys for centralized electronic access control

SMARTair® Wireless Online access management has proven a simple, school-wide electronic solution for greater control and security at Westbridge. Each staff member carries one RFID credential card programmed with access rights personalized to their individual role. In an emergency, the school can institute a complete lockdown via the centralized system.  “Having a SMARTair® system in place has given us peace of mind… It’s quicker, it’s safer and it’s simple,” says

72% favour security cameras in schools, up from 65% in 2015

Eagle Eye Networks™, Inc. the leader in cloud-based security camera systems, today announced that an independent 1500 respondent survey on School Security Camera Systems found that 72 percent of US adults favour using security cameras in schools. The detailed survey findings cover grade levels from preschool/daycare, elementary school, middle school, high school, through college. School Security Camera System Favorability The 2016 survey found that overall, 72 percent of US adults

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